Saturday, 31 October 2009

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Wednesday, 28 October 2009

The Secret -Part 1

The bestselling book/movie 'The Secret' has made millions of people around the world aware of the law of attraction. Some law of attraction coaches I know have concerns about it being misleading. I don't agree. Personally I believe The Secret is the best thing that has ever happened with regards to the law of attraction. Why? Because it's a taster to what is possible. I've had people come to me after watching this movie so fired up and wanting to know more about how to use the law of attraction in their own lives. They have gone on to create the life they want. You see as brilliant as the secret is, it's simply an introduction, a starting ground.

Today I'm going to talk to you about what words we use and how to ask.

So is it possible to attract what you want just by asking?

You bet it is.

However, for most people there is more to it. You see as adult we have had all sorts of different messages enter our brain over the years. Some are positive, some are negative.

Here's an example of somethings my own parents have said to me.

"We haven't got enough money"
"Eat up everything on your plate, there are children starving in Africa"
"Money doesn't make you happy."

Now I'd always thought of my parents as positive people. After all they always encouraged me and supported me in my choices. Yet, without knowing it they were programming my mind.

Take a look at this:

What is said
We haven't got enough money

What the universe hears
Not enough money (lack of money)

What the universe gives you more of
More lack of money

Now let's try this instead

What is said
There is an abundance of money in the world. Let's work out how we can get more money.

What the universe hears
Abundance of money, more money

What the universe gives you more of
More money, more abundance

I know which one I choose. Which one will you choose?

These simple words make a massive difference to your life.

As I've said before the law of attraction is amazing and wonderful but not too smart. it can't tell if what we say or think about is good for us or not. It doesn't know if more money or lack of money will make us happy. It simply gives us what we ask for. So from now on make sure you're using the right words.

In part 2 we will be looking into beliefs.

Be sure to click on the follow link so that you don't miss this important part of the process.

If you haven't seen the bestselling movie The Secret yet I have a link at the side of my blog to purchase it. This is the best price I've found. You can also purchase the book through this link, they are available new and used.

Since buying my own copy of The Secret I have since watch it at leat 50 times, often with my son and my friends. I have shared it with many other people too who have then gone on to buy their own copy. I really can't praise this movie enough. If you only buy one thing today make it this movie.

Monday, 26 October 2009

The Three Steps to Using The Law of Attraction

(This is a beautiful photo. Looking at it raises my vibrations)
When deliberately using The Law Of Attraction we must follow three essential steps.




Each step is vital.

Let's take a look at each step individually.


We need to ask for what we want. But before we can do this we need to get really clear about what it is we want. Most people go through life knowing (and telling the world) what they don't want. When you know what you don't want ask yourself this question. So, what do I want?

Once you know what you want be as specific as possible and ask. So asking is really broken down into 3 parts.

  • Get clear about what you want

  • Be specific

  • Ask


How do we raise our vibes? We know when we have good (positive) vibes because we feel good. The better we feel about something the more positive our vibrations. So we need to work on feeling great.

A great way to do this is to ask yourself 'What's going right in my life?' Make a list and keep adding to it.

Make time to do things that you enjoy. Even if it's just to stop and smell a flower.

Get into the habit of appreciation. Each and every time something good happens, take a moment to just appreciate it.


Allowing is probably the most difficult step for people to do. It's the part that is often missed out. Therefore whatever it is you've been trying to manifest never appears.

We need to clear the pathway for the law of attraction to bring you all you desire. This is usually where things start to get tricky. Most people (me included) have negative blocks in the way. What we need to do is clear those negative blocks/feelings/beliefs.

One way that I use to clear negative blocks is EFT (emotional freedom techniques). Some of you may know this as the tapping technique. It works by focusing on your negative belief and tapping on meridian points around the body. I use EFT a lot with my clients and it can be done over the telephone or I can even do this with you via email.

Other methods I love to use are hypnosis, affirmations, meditation.

This is a brief outline of the three steps to using the law of attraction. As I've said before, the law of attraction works 24/7 it never stops. The secret is knowing how to use it to create the things in life that you want.

Friday, 23 October 2009


It's here! My brand new coaching program THE POWER OF THREE.

I'm so excited about this program. It's ideal for all levels from complete beginner to those who've been using the law of attraction for years. We will be covering the 3 law of attraction steps.


It's a one to one coaching program and we work on a specific issue of your choice. That's what makes it so great. For those who are completely new to the law of attraction, you get to know the basics and work on a specific issue right from our first session.
For people already using the law of attraction it's a great way to gain focus on something you are wanting to attract into your life. Having a coach to work with adds power and motivation to attracting what you want.

I'm feeling generous, so I'm offering the POWER OF THREE to you right now for just 50 Euros.
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Tuesday, 20 October 2009

The Power Of Three

New Law of Attraction Coaching Program available from Friday 23rd October 2009

THE POWER OF THREE is a 3 session, telephone coaching program with email support, worksheets and resources.

THE POWER OF THREE covers the 3 essential stages of the Law of Attraction.


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This is a one to one coaching program and we will be working on areas specific to you.

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Monday, 19 October 2009


Showing gratitude for the things you already have is one of the quickest ways to attract more of what you want into your life.

Stop right now, wherever you are and take a few minutes to look around you. What can you see that you are grateful for?

Here's what I can see right now that I am grateful for

I am so grateful for my:

Computer, internet, printer, telephone, beautiful watch, nice clothes, new boots, pens, pencils, my dog, my fish, nice views, the sunshine, a comfortable chair and desk, my files, my calendar, my diary, my schedule of clients, my headphones, my contacts book... and the list goes on.

Imagine as you go about your day how many things you will see to be grateful for, your car, the train, the birds singing in the trees, the grass, the water we have in abundance to drink, the food we have in abundance to eat, the money we have in our purse/wallet, our home, crockery, appliances, people, pets. We live in abundance every day of our life and it's all around us. Even if you have no money in your purse, show gratitude for nature and your heart beating, and your lungs filling with air everytime you breathe in.

The more you are able to show gratitude and focus on what you have available to you in life, the more great things you will get.

For me there is nothing more important than showing gratitude to people. Whether it's your husband, your children, your parents, friends or a complete stranger who impacts your day (a cashier at a supermarket) show your gratitude. If this is something you're not used to, it may feel a little awkward to start with but you'll soon get over that when you see the smile on the face of the person you show gratitude to.

In my journal at the end of every night I make a point of writing a few lines about what I am grateful for. I try to make it specific for the day and I usually add about 10 things.

Here's an example of what that might look like.

Today I am grateful that:

I got lots of work done
My clients were responsive to my coaching and the feedback from them was fantastic
I played games with Jack and we had fun family time
I got to read Jack a bedtime story and have a chat about the day
I received a new book I am really looking forward to reading
Richard (my husband) cooked a wonderful meal for us tonight
I had a lovely chat with my sister on the phone
I got time for a long walk with my dog in the sunshine
I received 3 cheques in the post today
I had a lovely warm soak in the bath before bed.

When we go through our day looking for things to be grateful for we feel wonderful and invite the law of attraction to send us more and more abundance.

Friday, 16 October 2009

A Helping Hand

I'd like to take a few minutes today to tell you about two links I have added to my blog (see the right hand side). As it is my aim to give you all valuable information every single time I write on this blog, I thought I'd tell you a little bit about them.

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So why would I promote this to you?

Well Mike's work is very different to my own and I believe that there is room for everyone. Mike is offering a 1st class audio course here and I am offering you personal one-to-one coaching. It is my intention here to share with you the best that is available (in my opinion). I believe I am the best for some people and if not, I'd like to make sure you have a choice. Maybe you'll choose us both.

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Over the coming months I will be adding varios products and links to help you on your journey to your ideal life.

Feel free to add a comment and ask any questions.

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Wendy x

Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Mind Monsters

My clients often come to me with a basic knowledge of the law of atraction. They have been practicing the law of attraction and asking for what they want and giving it their attention but nothing's happening.

This can often be due to negative beliefs. I work a lot with parents and children. Today I'd like to share a technique that I use with kids a lot. It's a fun way for adults to clear their negative beliefs too.

We all have self talk going on inside our heads. What you need to do is pay close attention to what is being said.

If it's negative talk such as "You can't do that, you'll never have any money, you're a hopeless parent..." Then you can be sure you've got a MIND MONSTER.

Let's give him a colour, say green and make him smelly like a swamp monster. Phew!

Now sit him on you left shoulder. Listen out for him.

Everytime he's got something negative to say we're going to BLAST him. BOOM!
Just like in the cartoons. Now as we all know in the cartoons (unlike real life) when the bad guy gets BOOMed, he's back again in five minutes, that's exactly what will happen with your smelly green mind monster. However, keep on blasting him everytime he says something you don't like. BOOM! and eventually he'll get the message. It doesn't take that long either. When you can't hear him so much, you start to become friends. Now is the time to tell him what you want from him.

Here's an example:

Mark is going for a job interview. When he arrives there are 10 other people waiting to be interviewed. His mind monster wakes up and says "Aaah, you'll never get that job, look at all these people, there bound to be smarter than you."

Mark has been making friends with his monster for a few days now so in his mind he smiles, pats his monster on his head, thanks his monster for sharing with him and then says (in his mind) "I am smart and have a lot to offer this employer, I have as good a chance as anyone if not better. When I get the job I know you'll be happy for me."

Over a short period of time you'll notice some changes in your mind monster. He doesn't smell so bad anymore, infact he smells pretty good, he's changing to a nice sunshine yellow warming your heart, and he's got some really nice things to say to you. Now you are friends. Now you can move him over to you right shoulder.

As with most friendships you may not always see eye to eye, that's okay. Just tell him what you want from him and you'll both get along just fine. He'll be there to support you whenever you need a friend.

Now with that negative talk turned into positive talk you have an open gate to travel down the law of attraction road and start to manifest all that you want.

Have fun.


Wednesday, 7 October 2009

The Money Game

Let's face it most of us want more money. Here's a fantastic game to get you in the right frame of mind (sending out positive vibes) about money.

Every day for the next week I want you to imagine you have 10,000 euros to spend. You must spend it that day and on things that you want.

Each day you get a new 10,000 to spend. Write it down. Celebrate your imaginary purchases.

Really enjoy the feeling. Look through catalogues, window shop, surf the internet. And when you see something you like say "I'll buy that."

Have fun. Let me know what you buy. Just buy sharing it you are sending a really powerful and positive message to the brain that you are ready for large amounts of money.

Thursday, 1 October 2009

Good Vibes

The Law of Attraction is all about VIBES.

You might have heard someone saying "Hey, I'm getting good vibes from this person, they make me feel reaaly good."

or maybe,

"Oh no, this place has bad vibes, I don't want to stay here."

Vibes is a short word for vibrations.

So how do we know if we have good (positive) vibes, or bad (negative) vibes?

Think about how you feel. If you feel good, you've got positive vibes, If you're not happy with how you're feeling, you've got negative vibes.

Law of attraction works for us when we have positive vibes.

I'll let you into a secret.

You can only have 1 type of vibration (vibe) at a time.


To allow the law of attraction to work for you, you must work on raising your vibrations.

Have fun with this, feel free to share your experiences and you are welcome to contact me for more information.

Bye for now,


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