Wednesday, 28 October 2009

The Secret -Part 1

The bestselling book/movie 'The Secret' has made millions of people around the world aware of the law of attraction. Some law of attraction coaches I know have concerns about it being misleading. I don't agree. Personally I believe The Secret is the best thing that has ever happened with regards to the law of attraction. Why? Because it's a taster to what is possible. I've had people come to me after watching this movie so fired up and wanting to know more about how to use the law of attraction in their own lives. They have gone on to create the life they want. You see as brilliant as the secret is, it's simply an introduction, a starting ground.

Today I'm going to talk to you about what words we use and how to ask.

So is it possible to attract what you want just by asking?

You bet it is.

However, for most people there is more to it. You see as adult we have had all sorts of different messages enter our brain over the years. Some are positive, some are negative.

Here's an example of somethings my own parents have said to me.

"We haven't got enough money"
"Eat up everything on your plate, there are children starving in Africa"
"Money doesn't make you happy."

Now I'd always thought of my parents as positive people. After all they always encouraged me and supported me in my choices. Yet, without knowing it they were programming my mind.

Take a look at this:

What is said
We haven't got enough money

What the universe hears
Not enough money (lack of money)

What the universe gives you more of
More lack of money

Now let's try this instead

What is said
There is an abundance of money in the world. Let's work out how we can get more money.

What the universe hears
Abundance of money, more money

What the universe gives you more of
More money, more abundance

I know which one I choose. Which one will you choose?

These simple words make a massive difference to your life.

As I've said before the law of attraction is amazing and wonderful but not too smart. it can't tell if what we say or think about is good for us or not. It doesn't know if more money or lack of money will make us happy. It simply gives us what we ask for. So from now on make sure you're using the right words.

In part 2 we will be looking into beliefs.

Be sure to click on the follow link so that you don't miss this important part of the process.

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Since buying my own copy of The Secret I have since watch it at leat 50 times, often with my son and my friends. I have shared it with many other people too who have then gone on to buy their own copy. I really can't praise this movie enough. If you only buy one thing today make it this movie.

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