Thursday, 13 August 2009

EFT Helps My Son Sleep

My seven year old son is a real live-wire. He’s always on the go. During the day this is great for him, I love that he’s so active. Night time however is a different story. I want bedtime to mean bedtime. He just doesn’t seem to be able to switch off sometimes. During the summer months our routine tends to go a little haywire which really doesn’t help. I decided to have a go at using EFT (or tapping as my son calls it) to help with this problem.

I have made it part of the bedtime routine now and I’m pleased to say I’ve seen a huge improvement in his “going to sleep time” and his frame of mind when he gets up. He’s able to get on with his summer homework more easily too, with a good nights sleep everyone feels happier. Using EFT with children is extremely effective and they usually love the one to one contact.

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