Thursday, 24 June 2010

Are You Practicing Using The Law Of Attraction?

I know you've heard me say this before but I'm going to say it again.  The Law of attraction is working 24 hours a day, every single day.  Are you practicing using the law of attraction to create the life you want? 

For me, practicing the law of attarction is an ever evolving practice.  Even as a law of attraction coach I still continue to move forward and learn new things.  I still have areas of my life I want to improve.  It's an ongoing project which never stops getting better and better.  Sure I have days where things go off track but knowing how to get back on track quickly is all part of the process. 

Do you need/want some extra support and mentoring?
All top athletes know the value of a sports coach.  Now of course I'm not suggesting you all want to be top athlete's.  What I'm suggesting is that you be the best you can be and live the life you want.  That means something different to each and every one of us.  My law of attraction coaching methods are designed with the understanding that we all have different dreams and desires and we all have different challenges. 

Make your law of attraction journey even more interesting with one to one coaching.  Visit my website at or email me in person at

Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Do you have the amount of money you want?

When I ask people what they want, I often hear more money, to win the lottery, to be out of debt etc.
Sometimes they want to travel the world or go on an exotic holiday or start a business.  When I ask what's stopping them they say "I don't have enough money!"

Do you know that we all carry limiting beliefs, some more than others.  And what's most interesting is most of us have major limiting beliefs surrounding money.  For a long time I convinced myself that I had released my limiting beliefs.  I love money, I appreciate the things it gives me and pleasures it brings, I feel worthy of large amounts of money, I believe money is good etc.  Although I was manifesting a resonable amount of money into my life it was still limited.  Then I got a wake-up call.  I was introduced to MONEY BEYOND BELIEF by Joe Vitale and Brad Yates.  I realised I was still carrying around quite a few limiting beliefs regarding money, the biggest of which was this belief - Rich families are not happy.  Wow, conscidering one of my core values is to have a happy family this turned out to be a whopper of a limiting belief. 

I began using the Money Beyond Belief program which uses EFT (tapping, emotional freedom techniques) and immediately saw a difference.  Money just started flowing into my life so easily.  It was like the flood gates had been opened. 

I'm going to ask the question again. 

Do you have the amount of money you want?

If the answer is yes congratulations.
If the answer is no, not really, not yet... pleae do yourself a favour and at least read what MONEY BEYOND BELIEF has to offer.

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Saturday, 12 June 2010

New Law of Attraction Articles

I was recently invited to become a founder member of the new videojug pages.  I have already set up two sites and have added 4 pages.  I will be adding constantly to these sites over the next few weeks.  I really like the idea and there is so much information.

Here are my sites.
I've already added 3 articles to this site as I write this blog.
I've just set this site up, so only 1 article so far but lots more to come.

I am also going to be adding a law of attraction in business site next week.

I really am going to be adding valuable articles on how to use the law of attraction and I hope you will take this free opportunity to learn for yourself. 

I would really appreciate your support.  You can follow the site (for each site) and click the like button at the side of each article (page).

There is also an area where you can leave a comment.  I love hearing from you and for me it makes it all worth while so please leave a quick (or long) comment.

Thank you all

Love, happiness and prosperity always


Monday, 7 June 2010

Law of Attraction In Business

I told someone the other day that I was a law of attraction Coach and a life skills coach.  I explained that it is my job to help people get where they want to be in life and give them the motivation, support and skills needed to do so.  He asked me for an example and I told him that I often work to help people achieve business success.  From giving a mum the confidence to set up her own work at home business to helping an already established business become more successful. 

A great deal of my work involes getting clear about what people actually want.  Most people know what they don't want.  When we know what it is people want we can set goals and work together to make sure you reach those goals.

Sports professionals have always turned to coaches to improve their performance and success.  Hiring a professional coach to help you in business is just the same.  Hiring a law of attraction coach has even more benefits.  I will teach you about the power of the law of attraction and how to use this power within your business. 

Email me today to see how law of attraction coaching can make you and your business a success.

Email me at in first instance.

Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Hurray for Attractor Genie

Finally!  At last I have worked out how to put Attractor Genie on my new computer.  I've had this software for ages and absolutely love it but since I got my new computer at Eater I haven't had it on here.  I've missed it so much. 
I have to say it was me being dumb and not the software providers that prevented me from doing this sooner. 
The software lets you do all sorts of things like create a vision board, attractor movie, suggests affirmations.  There is an area for journaling and writing your wishes and also an area to write about the proof your wishes are manifesting.  oh and so much more.  I love it.  I can even set (which I do) subliminal messages to flash up onto my computer as I work.  Fab. 

Anyway, enough of my excitement.  It's almost time to collect JM from school.  If you want to learn more about attractor genie Click Here!