Monday, 26 October 2009

The Three Steps to Using The Law of Attraction

(This is a beautiful photo. Looking at it raises my vibrations)
When deliberately using The Law Of Attraction we must follow three essential steps.




Each step is vital.

Let's take a look at each step individually.


We need to ask for what we want. But before we can do this we need to get really clear about what it is we want. Most people go through life knowing (and telling the world) what they don't want. When you know what you don't want ask yourself this question. So, what do I want?

Once you know what you want be as specific as possible and ask. So asking is really broken down into 3 parts.

  • Get clear about what you want

  • Be specific

  • Ask


How do we raise our vibes? We know when we have good (positive) vibes because we feel good. The better we feel about something the more positive our vibrations. So we need to work on feeling great.

A great way to do this is to ask yourself 'What's going right in my life?' Make a list and keep adding to it.

Make time to do things that you enjoy. Even if it's just to stop and smell a flower.

Get into the habit of appreciation. Each and every time something good happens, take a moment to just appreciate it.


Allowing is probably the most difficult step for people to do. It's the part that is often missed out. Therefore whatever it is you've been trying to manifest never appears.

We need to clear the pathway for the law of attraction to bring you all you desire. This is usually where things start to get tricky. Most people (me included) have negative blocks in the way. What we need to do is clear those negative blocks/feelings/beliefs.

One way that I use to clear negative blocks is EFT (emotional freedom techniques). Some of you may know this as the tapping technique. It works by focusing on your negative belief and tapping on meridian points around the body. I use EFT a lot with my clients and it can be done over the telephone or I can even do this with you via email.

Other methods I love to use are hypnosis, affirmations, meditation.

This is a brief outline of the three steps to using the law of attraction. As I've said before, the law of attraction works 24/7 it never stops. The secret is knowing how to use it to create the things in life that you want.

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