Monday, 31 January 2011

New Hypnosis Downloads

My friends at Hypnosis downloads have just added more new downloads.  I am a huge fan of this company and love their downloads.  The best thing is they are so cheap and I can download immediately.  I always add all new downloads they tell me about because I never know exactly what will attract each of you.   You can see the full downoad list.  Just click on any of the links and you'll be taken to the website and have a look around.  They even have a free course to learn hypnosis and scripts to use aswell.  I really can't praise these guys enough.   I've been using their products for years now and they always delight me. 

Write Your Dissertation

Be More Professional

Improve Critical Thinking

Resist Temptation

Mend Your Broken Heart

Learn hypnosis online

Friday, 28 January 2011

Affirmation To Make The World A Better Place

Please join in with this weeks AFFIRMATION CHALLENGE and share with as many people as you can.

Affirmation - The world in which I live in is amazing. The people who run our countries are good people who want the best for us and they care for our people and care for our world.

Note: This may not be what you believe and may well seem a very big lie. The point to affirmations is they are a positive statement about what you want. Please say/think this affirmation daily as often as possible for at least the next 7 days. I strongly recommend you make this a daily affirmation for life. leave a comment to let me and others know your joining us. Thank you x

Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Amazing, uplifting, movie to raise your vibrations.

I 'm taking a break from the 'Achieve your goals' series of posts today.  I want to tell you about a movie I watched a couple of days ago.  So what is this amzing movie I'm talking about.  It's Dr. Wayne Dyer's 'The Shift'. I am very familiar with Dr. Wayne Dyer.  He is someone that I have a tremendous amount of respect for and love his work.  Dr, Dyer has a very natural presence and after the film you can totally imagine having this wonderful man in your home sitting on sofa's chatting.  The film really makes you think about what's really important to you.  You can watch a trailer of the film by clicking the image below. 

This is a film I know I will watch again and again and certainly one I'll be buying for others. 

I love to watch films, read, listen to audio's etc.  The more I fill my life with these positive and empowering messages the more I live the life I truely want. 

Wayne Dyer 125x125
Please leave your own reviews for this film below. I love to hear how these films impact your lives.

Monday, 24 January 2011

Step 3 - Break it down into small chunks

Continueing with our ACHIEVE YOUR GOALS IN 2011 series.

Whilst I always want you to focus on your end result.  I also feel it is important to break your goals down into small chunks/baby steps. 

For example:  It is your goal/intention to have 100 more clients by the end of 2011. Perhaps you could break that down to 9 new clients a month.

When you are successfully using the law of attraction it's no big deal to ask for 100 new clients  For most people who are still quite new to using the law of attraction it's easier for them to attract 9 new clients at a time. 

So at the beginning of each month you set your intentions.  In this example:

I intend to attract 9 new clients by the end of this month.

Throughout the month you can (daily) state.  I am now attracting 9, 8, 7, 6,... new clients.  Change as you gain each new client.

The Universe has no limits.  100 clients is perfectly managable.  However as human beings in this physical world we do have limits.  Our own limiting beliefs.  Therefore starting small becomes easier for us to allow. 

Here's another example.

Lucy wants to lose 2 stone by Christmas 2011.  instead she could aim to lose 3 pounds each month.  This is much easily for Lucy to believe possible.

Intention+Belief+law of attraction in action = SUCCESS in ALL areas of life.

Thursday, 20 January 2011

Step 2 - Set yourself clear, well defined goals.

January is the month to set yourself CLEAR AND WELL DEFINED GOALS.

Where do you want to be this time next year? 

Imagine yourself exactly one year from now.  What do you want to see, hear, be doing, have, etc.

Get a really clear picture.  Do you want to be slim, have a new job, have your own business, have a wonderful romantic partner, have 100,000.00 Euros/dollars/pounds... in the bank, have photographs of the fabulous holiday you took in June...

Get a super clear picture of everything that will have happened in 12 months.

Next take each thing and make it clear. 

We'll take I will be slim as an example.

I will be slim.  Make it clear - I will weight 9 stone 2 pounds, I will fit perfectly into my black dress that I have hanging in my wardrobe. I will be healthy.  I will be toned.  I will look and feel great.  I will have plenty of energy. 

See yourself in that black dress, feel the energy...

Get absolutely clear.  If you want more money, get clear about how much.  If you want to attract romance, what will your ideal partner be like, what are their characteristics? how do they treat you?  How do they make you feel? 

The clearer your image in your mind at this stage the better.

People all around the world are better of being part of the THINK RICH CLUB.
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Friday, 14 January 2011

Achieve Your Goals in 2011 - Step 1

As promised I am going to talk you through each of my recommended steps to achieving ALL of your goals in 2011.

Let's get started.

Step1 is Focus on what you want.  So many people go through life focusing on what the don't like, don't want, all that is wrong with the world, all that is wrong with themselves...

This is destructive thinking and we need to quickly make a shift to positive thinking.

Positive thoughts, feelings and behaviours create POSITIVE VIBES.


However, most people I meet have actually spent very little time giving any thought at all to what it is they really want.

Sometimes I hear "I just want to be happy". 

Well here's the secret.  You can be happy right now. 

Everyone has the power to be happy but most people go through life thinking I'll be happy when I'm rich, I'll be happy when I'm slim, I'll be happy when someone loves me...

CHOOSE TO BE HAPPY NOW.  Wherever you're at,  whatever your situation CHOOSE TO BE HAPPY NOW!

If this seems to much of a struggle drop me a line and we'll work on it together

Okay so let's spend some time really thinking about what you want. 

First think about what is really important to you.

Is it family, money, success, holidays, friends...

Write down what's important to you.

With this in mind now decide what you want.

  • To own my own home.
  • To own my own business
  • To achieve a promotion within my company
  • To find my perfect partner
  • To have lots of friends
  • To travel
  • To have 200,000.00 Euros (dollars, pounds, etc) in my bank account.
Everydody has different desires. 

Once you have decided what it is you really want focus on this thing/these things.

These are your INTENTIONS FOR 2011.

Write them down


Some people like to add a date at this stage.  Personally I like to ALLOW the Universe to sort it out at the best possible time for me.

If you're having trouble working out what you want try this trick that I learned from Michael Losier during my training at The Law Of Attraction Training Center.

Start with what you don't want/don't like

for example:  I don't like my job. 

Now ask yourself "So, if I don't like my job, what do I want?"

Do you want a promotion? A new job with more money? A new job which is more interesting? To start your own business?


Keep your intentions fresh in your mind constantly.  If you catch negative thoughts creeping in, swap them for thoughts of your intentions and how great it will be when your intentions are real.

Tip: Imagine that you've already achieved your goal.  How do you feel? What can you see, smell, hear, etc?

Well that's all for this step.

As always you are welcome to contact me with any questions, challenges, success stories. 
You can contact me on

Monday, 10 January 2011

New Hypnosis Downloads for 2011

I've just received new updates for 2011 from my friends at

As I've said before I love these hypnosis downloads.  Over the years I've built a nice collection which I use time and time again.  Some I have just used to ease a particular problem at a particular time, others get used over and over, year after year.  I was particularly interested in the bottom two downloads.  Many people have a fear of public speaking and the Powerful Public Speaking download would be a good choice if you need to overcome this fear. 
I also thought the Let Go Of Shame download would be of particular use.  Shame is a hugely distructive and if this is an issue with you I strongly recommend getting hold of this download.  In law of attraction terms holding onto shame is a major block in attracting things you want.

If you would like to see more downloads simply click on one of the links and you'll be taken to the main website.  Just click on the ALL DOWNLOADS link.  You can even learn hypnosis for free. 

Give Your Partner Space

Stop Abusing Steroids

Stop Interrupting

Powerful Public Speaking

Let Go of Shame

Tip: Check out the perfect partner to get even better value for money.

Monday, 3 January 2011

Achieve All Your Goals In 2011

Make this year the year you make those positive changes in your life for good. 

  1. Focus on what you want.
  2. Set yourself clear well defined goals for 2011
  3. Break each goal down into small chunks.
  4. Use affirmations daily to support your goals.
  5. Visualize yourself already having achieved your goals.
  6. Do things that make you feel happy in all areas of your life.
  7. Get in the habit of being grateful.
  8. Learn how to clear negative beliefs which are holding you back.
  9. Believe.  Believe in yourself and believe in the power of the universe.
  10. Relax and go with the flow.
Wishing you a happy, healthy and prosperous new year.

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