Wednesday, 23 February 2011

I love YouTube and I love sharing fantastic videos I find with you here on my blog.  Here's one I found from Abraham Hicks.  I'd love to hear what you think about this video.  I hope you enjoy.

Wishing a life filled with wonder and prosperity.

Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Use Affirmations to support your goals

I believe affirmations are incredibly powerful.  I personally use affirmations every morning and evening and throughout each day. 

When you have a specific goal it's a great idea to create some positive affirmations to match your goal.

Here are some general affirmations for goals.

I complete my goals on time and with ease.

Everything is working out for me now.

I have the power to achieve the goal that I desire.

Now let's say your goal is to attract 10 new clients by the end of the month.  Your affirmation could be.

I easily attract new clients.

New clients come to me easily and often.

Maybe your goal is to get a better job

My ideal job is coming into my life now

I allow my perfect job to come into my life now.

I am successful in everything I do.

Let's say your goal is to lose weight.  Here are some affirmations you might use.

I allow myself to be slim and healthy.

I eat only what I need.

Every day I get closer to my ideal weight.

Practice daily.

Choose a few affirmations and say them often throughout the day.  I highly recommend that you say your affirmations a few times when you first get up and certainly last thing at night.  Stand in front of a mirror if possible and say them out loud.  Repeat them throughout your day.  A good tip is to say your affirmations every time you pass a mirror.  Be consistent.  Whilst it's not necessary to say the same affirmations daily, it is important to stick with similar affirmations on a daily basis. 

Sunday, 13 February 2011

LOA Living Update

Every now and again I like give you a catch up with what's going on at LOA Living.  Here's what's been going on.

Coaching Programs
It's certainly been a great start to the year. I've added some wonderful coaching programs, including Business Booster, Understanding and using the 3 step law of attraction process and how to balance business and family life.
You can find out more about these coaching programs at


My Fabulous Me! coaching program is currently on a special offer (during February 2011).
Did you know that when you feel fabulous you naturally attract wonderful things into your life.

Happiness Mentoring
I have also added Happiness Mentoring. This is a 6 month program working on all areas of your life.


I've added a store to my site.  It's a place you can view products from others such as Dr. Wayne Dyer and Abraham Hicks.   I believe the more we fill our lives with positive and inspirational ways of thinking the better our lives become.  To visit the store go to

Read My Articles

I am now writing for suite101.  My first article is already published.  How to end procrastination

I will be adding new articles most days on a whole range of subjects including using the law of attraction, EFT, How hypnosis can help you, positive parenting, time management, confidence building and much more. 

Law of Attraction EBook
My very first EBook was publishes a short time ago.  I walk you through the three step law of attraction process sharing tips, techniques and exercises at each stage to ensure you easily master each step.
To buy Getting Started with the Law of Attraction go to

As you can see we have a lot going on and looking forward to the year ahead. 

As always I'm always delighted to hear from you.  You can email me at

Wishing you love, health, happiness and prosperity always.