Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Expect Wonderful Things This Easter.

I love Easter, it's such a fresh, magical time of year.  I'm heading off to visit family in England later today.  Just Jack (my 8 year old son) and I going.  Daddy is staying home enjoying some peace and quiet and probably the odd night out.  That's good he deserves it.  We all get to do exactly what we want to do. 

I love our trips together.  I make it a really special event for both of us.  Mummy and Jack time together on the plane is a wonderful start to our trip and something we both really enjoy. 

Our week will then be packed with family get togethers, shopping, cinema visits (Jack's got at least 4 films lined up) and generally having fun.

I'm heading off on my trip fully expecting to have a wonderful time.  Oh and I asked the Universe for really great seats on the plane.  I've found letting the Universe choose my seats works better for me than choosing them myself. 

I'm expecting the Journey to be superb and on time so that I get to give my sister, who'll be waiting for us at the airport a great big hug. 

I'll carry on expecting the best in everything we do. 

Have fun this Easter and Expect really wonderful things.


Thursday, 25 March 2010

The Angelic Realm

Wow, I want to tell you all about the amazing teleclass I took part in last night LEARN HOW TO MAKE POWERFUL CONNECTIONS TO THE ANGELIC REALM with Lynn Ahearn.  Because of the time difference I have been unable to take part in Lynns teleclass before, so when one came up that started at 10pm I jumped at the chance to take part. I was just about awake still then.

Lynn is a wonderul teacher and her calm yet uplifting voice added to the overall peacefullness of the call.  She gave us an explaination of the Angels and told us how they can send us messages.  She told us that the Angels love us unconditionally (whatever we do or say).  That's a great feeling.  She also explained that the Angels are always present with us and always ready for us to connect with them. 

I was delighted when Lynn chose me to do the angel cards with her. 

I took three deep breaths and thought of my question for the Angels.  When I was ready I told Lynn to stop and she told me the card I had stopped on. 

Among other things she told me my message was to clear my clutter and use Feng Shui.

I've actually had this message already this week from another source.  After moving homes I still have a lot of physical clearing to do and I am very aware that at times my head is cluttered too. 

I'll be working on this area and enjoying using Feng Shui in my new home.

To find out more about Lynn and the Angels you can go to:



Lynn is able to coach you one to one or you can purchase her audio workshop.

Connecting With Your Angels Audio Workshop

I can't wait to connect even more with my Angels. 


Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Zero Worry Parenting Has Arrived.

Just a quickie to let you know that the Zero Worry Parenting course (using the law of attraction) is now up and running as of today.  If you have kids in your life this is something I strongly recommend you take a look at.  You can find out more at http://www.zeroworryparenting.com/go/?10019

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Today is the day - Zero Worry Parenting begins!

"You don't choose your family.

They are God's gift to you."

- Rev. Desmond Tutu

==> So what is going to be Your Gift to Them? <==


Dear Enlightened Parent,

You and I both know how challenging being a parent can be.

Whatever they do, you worry. You just... worry.

Whatever you do, it never seems to be enough.

And then there's their whole future in front of them...

which kinda feels like it's up to you, big time.

It's a huge responsibility, for sure.

But today, it's time to lighten up because there's a way ANYONE can feel GREAT about being a parent!

You may not know it yet, but there are SIMPLE ACTIONS

you can do every day...

To invite the Law of Attraction to work in your favor, in ways that make your life feel like a summer day's breeze.

This is where this simple formula comes into play:

Let It Be + Inspired Actions = Law of Attraction Parenting!

Or as we call it...




If you saw the FREE 40 Parenting Quickies for Law of Attraction fans, you already know a few of these actions.

Actions that dissolve differences, create magical moments, and generate lasting happiness for a family.

So yes, there IS a bit of a Secret to parenting  the Law of Attraction way.

And as much as we'd like change happening overnight, or simply by reading a book... don't hold your breath.

That's why we're recommending this fun-filled, inspired and inspiring, six-month course that shows you by the hand...

Using video, audio, pocket guides and various other tools, how to turn the tide in your family!

Take a quick look into the course program opening today:

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I'll see you on the inside.
And remember: force nothing, expect everything!

All the best,

Wendy Tomlinson

PS. As soon as you log in for the first time,  remember to download all the valuable bonuses

from the Resources section. Because once the course starts, you'll be swept away. :)

==> http://www.zeroworryparenting.com/go/?10019

Monday, 22 March 2010

We're Talking About Good Vibrations.

What are vibrations?  We commonly refer to vibrations as good and bad VIBES.

So, how do we know if we have good or bad vibes?

Well first let me tell you that it is only possible to have 2 types of VIBES

Positive (good)

Negative (bad)

The way to tell is how we feel. 

If you're feeling good, great, wonderful... this is a positive (good) vibration (vibe).

If your feeling down, grumpy, bad... this is a negative (bad) vibration (vibe).

When we have positive vibrations the law of attraction has a clearer path to follow to bring you the things you want in your life.

Now here's the thing, when you have negative vibes the law of attraction is still at work.  You will attract more negativity into your life. 

Did you get that?  I'm going to go over it again just to be absolutely clear.

POSITIVE VIBES = The Universe gives you more to be positive about.

NEGATIVE VIBES = The Universe gives you more to be negative about.

If you want good things in your life, it's up to you to do everything in your power to raise your vibrations higher and higher.  All you need to do is check in with yourself and ask "Do I feel good?" 

Michael Losier who was one of my wonderful teachers of the law of attraction at The Law of Attraction Training Center say "Mind your own vibrations".

He's a smart guy and we should all do as he says. 

Here are some words I like touse to raise my vibrations -

Beautiful, wonderful, amazing, nice, happy, fun, loving, abundant, prosperous, brilliant, good, great,generous, lucky, kind, fabulous...

Here's something you can add to those words to keep your vibrations rocketing.

I AM ...

I AM...

I AM...

Wednesday, 17 March 2010

So What Do You Want?

Really, have you given this question much thought?  I asked a friend earlier this week what she wanted after she'd spent 15 minutes complaining her life was rubbish (her words).  "Oh," she replied.  "I want to go on a world cruise with a tall, dark handsome man (she's already married to a handsome blonde man) and drink champagne all day long."

Hmm, this sounds a little like a fantasy that could turn into a nightmare.

After asking her a few more gentle questions.  She realized what she wanted was a job that would fit around her family life.  A great salary with less hours than she works now and a holiday in the sun with her lovely family.

Slightly different from the first wish list.

So today ask yourself  "What do I REALLY want?"

Make sure what your asking/wishing for is what you really want.

Monday, 15 March 2010

Joe Vitale - Attract A New Car

I love Joe Vitale and have taken part in several of his groups, events etc.  I have just read his brilliant ebook on how to attract a new car (or just about anything).  It's a really good read with that special touch of Joe Vitale's humour. 

You can find out more about Joe's ebook Click Here!

Monday, 8 March 2010

Go For Goals

Goal setting and using the law of attraction is a dynamic combination add kids to the picture and you have something truely magical. Here's a video I thought you might like.

For more information about GO FOR GOALS Click Here!

Friday, 5 March 2010

Discovering The Law of Attraction

Imagine that you had all the money you could ever want. You'd have great relationships and perfect health. Imagine you'd spend your life in peace and joy. If you practiced the Laws of Attraction, these things could come true for you. The first thing you must do to practice the Laws of Attraction is to embrace a feeling of gratitude. Be thankful for everything that you have. Focusing on the good things in your life will help you key in on positive feelings.

These positive feelings will translate into a positive energy, according to the Laws of Attraction. When you send out this kind of positive energy, you will see good things come back to you in return through the Laws of Attraction. You can concentrate on the positive things by holding some kind of talisman in your pocket, for example. This will help you remember to be thankful every time you touch it.

If you properly use the Law of Attraction, you will have what you want. It is and isn't easy. You only need to change the way you think and feel about things. If you can come to understand the Law of Attraction fully, you can make it work for you.

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