Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Sending you love, happiness and prosperity at Christmas and ALWAYS XX

Thank you so much for the support you have all given me throughout the year.  Christmas really is a magical time.  Focus on what you have to be grateful for.  Be present in the here and now and be happy. 

Top Tips For A Wonderful Christmas
  • Look for things to be happy about.
  • Look for ways to be grateful.
  • Look for ways to have fun.
  • Look for ways to relax.
  • Speak happy and kind words.
  • Think happy and kind thoughts.
  • Show love.
  • Show Gratitude.
  • Spread love.
  • Spead happiness.
  • Be the person you want to be.
My very best wishes to you this Christmas and always.

Wendy xx

Friday, 10 December 2010

The Power

I want to tell you about The Power.  I thought The Secret was fantastic but this really takes things to a new level.  I'd been hearing people talk about The Power but just hadn't gotten around to buying it.  Then a friend asked if I used The Power when I'm coaching.  I decided I had to know what was so special about the power.  I got the audio version and I'm so pleased I did. I was suprised at how long the recording lasted for.  It took me three nights to listen to the full recording.  I have been listening most nights now for the past three weeks.  It's wonderful, REALLY wonderful. 


Even as someone who has studied the law of attraction and teaches it to others I STILL got so much from listening to The Power.  I've made it part of my bedtime routine.  I write in my gratitude journal then I listen to the audio.  As I'm listening now I will drift off and visualize myself already having the things I want.  The audio is full of inspiring ideas to create the things you want. 

This is a must for Anyone, Everyone!  If you haven't got it yet I strongly urge you to treat yourself.