Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Get Your Ideal Christmas - Part 3

A great way to focus on the type of Christmas you want is to use affirmations.  They're easy and FREE.

I'll give you a few examples of affirmations you might like to use yourself to create your ideal Christmas but as I've said before, we are all different so please feel free to change them to suit you.  Always use positive words and always use the present tense.

This Christmas I choose to feel happy and relaxed.

This Christmas I choose to ask for help with the Christmas dinner

I choose to allow friends and family to help with Christmas this year.

I am a great mum and my kids love me all year around.

I love Christmas, It's a time for happy family gatherings

Christmas is a happy and loving time

Christmas dinner is easy, I'm well organised and a great cook.

I recommend you choose 3-4 affirmations that sum up what you want this Christmas.  Write each one down and then repeat 3 times in the morning and before bed (and anytime in between).  However just saying them isn't really that effective you need to really feel your words.  The more you can believe the words the more real they become.  Daydream about the affirmations as you say them and spend a few minutes afterwards daydreaming as if they are real.

I often hear people say that affirmations don't work.  Firstly I would say they do work but you need to put some effort in.

Be consistent - It's no good saying the affirmations without feelings - Add the emotion.
Do it everyday right up to and during Christmas.  A few days here and there has little effect.
Be realistic.  You need to believe what you want is possible.  You don't need to know how, just that it could be possible.

So asking for Brad Pitt or Julia Roberts to turn up at your door on Christmas morning armed with luxury presents declaring undying love for you might not be too realistic. 

Happy Affirming
and Happy Christmas


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