Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Get Your Ideal Christmas - Part 2

Many of us have limiting/negative beliefs regarding Christmas time. 

-Christmas is always so stressful
-Christmas costs so much money
-We always and up argueing at Christmas
These are all negative beliefs.

Maybe Christmas is a reminder of the people who are no longer with you. 

For whatever reason Christmas can be an unpleasant time for many.

Before you can attract the things you want you must first work on clearing negative beliefs you hold.

As many of you already know I love hypnosis as a way of doing exactly this.  It's easy, cheap, relaxing and it works.

Today I have put together a few suggestions that may be exactly what you need to release your negative beliefs.

Transform a stressful Christmas into a relaxed one http://www.hypnosisdownloads.com/downloads/stress_management/stressful-christmas.html#3460

Enjoy family gatherings www.hypnosisdownloads.com/downloads/relationships/family-gatherings.html#3460

Worried about all the Christmas parties - Do you want to be the life and soul of the party?  Try this www.hypnosisdownloads.com/downloads/personal_development/life-soul.html#3460

Is money an issue this Christmas - This could be what you're looking for.  www.hypnosisdownloads.com/downloads/phobias_fears/financial-worries.html#3460
I know asking you to spend money when you're already worrying about money seems odd but at $12.95 this download could make a huge difference to your Christmas.

Just want to be happy?  I think we all want this http://www.hypnosisdownloads.com/downloads/bundles/worry-happy.html#3460

I often get so worked up about everything going well I end up so stressed I can't possibly enjoy myself.
This download helps me in these situations

I always like to be completely honest with you.  So I'm letting you know that if you decide to buy any of these downloads I will receive a commision from the sale.  So is this the reason I'm recommending them?  NO! I only recommend things I believe in 100%.  I use many of these downloads myself.  As I said I love them and find them so relaxing.  For me this is probably my favourite method of releasing negative beliefs.

I am happy to give information free of charge but the commisions I receive from things like this make this possible for me.  So please, if you do decide these downloads are right for you please click through on these links.  The price is exactly the same.  It just means I get a little thank you in my Paypal account which is always greatly appreciated.

I'll be back tomorrow with more ideas to create your ideal Christmas.

Kind wishes


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