Monday, 24 January 2011

Step 3 - Break it down into small chunks

Continueing with our ACHIEVE YOUR GOALS IN 2011 series.

Whilst I always want you to focus on your end result.  I also feel it is important to break your goals down into small chunks/baby steps. 

For example:  It is your goal/intention to have 100 more clients by the end of 2011. Perhaps you could break that down to 9 new clients a month.

When you are successfully using the law of attraction it's no big deal to ask for 100 new clients  For most people who are still quite new to using the law of attraction it's easier for them to attract 9 new clients at a time. 

So at the beginning of each month you set your intentions.  In this example:

I intend to attract 9 new clients by the end of this month.

Throughout the month you can (daily) state.  I am now attracting 9, 8, 7, 6,... new clients.  Change as you gain each new client.

The Universe has no limits.  100 clients is perfectly managable.  However as human beings in this physical world we do have limits.  Our own limiting beliefs.  Therefore starting small becomes easier for us to allow. 

Here's another example.

Lucy wants to lose 2 stone by Christmas 2011.  instead she could aim to lose 3 pounds each month.  This is much easily for Lucy to believe possible.

Intention+Belief+law of attraction in action = SUCCESS in ALL areas of life.

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