Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Amazing, uplifting, movie to raise your vibrations.

I 'm taking a break from the 'Achieve your goals' series of posts today.  I want to tell you about a movie I watched a couple of days ago.  So what is this amzing movie I'm talking about.  It's Dr. Wayne Dyer's 'The Shift'. I am very familiar with Dr. Wayne Dyer.  He is someone that I have a tremendous amount of respect for and love his work.  Dr, Dyer has a very natural presence and after the film you can totally imagine having this wonderful man in your home sitting on sofa's chatting.  The film really makes you think about what's really important to you.  You can watch a trailer of the film by clicking the image below. 

This is a film I know I will watch again and again and certainly one I'll be buying for others. 

I love to watch films, read, listen to audio's etc.  The more I fill my life with these positive and empowering messages the more I live the life I truely want. 

Wayne Dyer 125x125
Please leave your own reviews for this film below. I love to hear how these films impact your lives.

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