Tuesday, 31 May 2011

All Star* experts in YOUR living room + LIVE coaching!

How would you like to flip your 'worry switch' off at a moment's notice?

Would you like to be able to identify and then defeat unhealthy patterns and blocks that hold you back?

You'll learn these and other techniques on June 2, our first day of the Love Your Life Online VIDEO Summit!

During this event, you have a rare opportunity to watch an *all star* gathering of celebrity experts all in one place (and in your living room!).

Don't miss your chance to register your F*R*E*E ticket!


Because you'll enjoy intimate and candid video training sessions with Marianne Williamson, Jack Canfield, Lisa Nichols, Dr. John Gray, Jean Houston, Lindsay Wagner and others who have all gathered to support the power LOVE has to activate physical and emotional health, consciousness and joy.

These sessions are intimate, and done in each expert's own living room! You'll hear personal stories, candid
confessions and priceless lessons here that you won't hear anywhere else - even if you've listened to these
experts before!

When you register, you'll also see how you can access 8 bonus trainings PLUS participate in a LIVE coaching call with Marci Shimoff following the Summit.

You'll be able to submit your personal questions during the event, and then they'll answer them specifically
during your group coaching call!

So don't miss out. This is your chance to hear the absolute best and most informed experts on health and
weight loss, relationships, parenting, personal development and career...

And there's no time to wait, so join this online video summit NOW while you still can!

I don't want you to miss their first training sessions with Lisa Nichols and Lynne Twist on June 2nd.

Register at no charge now {or learn more} here!


Happy Living


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