Thursday, 25 March 2010

The Angelic Realm

Wow, I want to tell you all about the amazing teleclass I took part in last night LEARN HOW TO MAKE POWERFUL CONNECTIONS TO THE ANGELIC REALM with Lynn Ahearn.  Because of the time difference I have been unable to take part in Lynns teleclass before, so when one came up that started at 10pm I jumped at the chance to take part. I was just about awake still then.

Lynn is a wonderul teacher and her calm yet uplifting voice added to the overall peacefullness of the call.  She gave us an explaination of the Angels and told us how they can send us messages.  She told us that the Angels love us unconditionally (whatever we do or say).  That's a great feeling.  She also explained that the Angels are always present with us and always ready for us to connect with them. 

I was delighted when Lynn chose me to do the angel cards with her. 

I took three deep breaths and thought of my question for the Angels.  When I was ready I told Lynn to stop and she told me the card I had stopped on. 

Among other things she told me my message was to clear my clutter and use Feng Shui.

I've actually had this message already this week from another source.  After moving homes I still have a lot of physical clearing to do and I am very aware that at times my head is cluttered too. 

I'll be working on this area and enjoying using Feng Shui in my new home.

To find out more about Lynn and the Angels you can go to:

Lynn is able to coach you one to one or you can purchase her audio workshop.

Connecting With Your Angels Audio Workshop

I can't wait to connect even more with my Angels. 


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